Monday, April 18, 2011

A fresh beginning

This blog starts with a New Years Resolution. This year I made 12 resolutions all with the overall theme of getting back a little of the old me. One of those was to write, three (typed) pages a day, no matter what. And with varied success I have been doing it since February. I love writing. Writing is my extension of my emotions and thoughts. Another resolution is to write a book (that is for December--the resolutions build upon one another). A book about surprise motherhood. So where does this blog come in? See I tried keeping a blog up while I was pregnant and then after Walter was born, well there are about 10 posts in all. Not really great.

I think one of the very most important things people leave out when they are telling you about becoming a new mom is that your sense of self, your identity becomes one thing, mom. Or maybe they do, but there is no way to really conceptualize what that means until you become a mom, add in the fact that my trip into motherhood was a surprise journey and well I haven't been as graceful and as eloquent as I could have been.

When I became pregnant I wanted to read specifically on the topic of surprise pregnancy, and shockingly there are hardly any books that offer very unbiased advice. I wanted to hear that this had happened to other people and they came out okay. There were books, but some I found too religious for my taste (don't get that abortion!), some a bit condescending (I was up for my post-doc and then I found out I was pregnant) Basically I found one, good book The Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Pregnancy. One book!? For such a HUGE topic? There is a void to be filled. There is such a steep learning curve to begin with and add the fact that 9 months prior to that you were at your best friends wedding celebrating like it was 1999, well to say a lifestyle adjustment was in order is an understatement.

So anyway what I've just written was rambly. I take this new foray into blogging very seriously. It is my job until I find one, and after I have one. It is something else in which I will pour my unused "adult" energy into. A resource for everything whole food nutrition to breast feeding, the tales of the day-to-day, and of course tips and pointers learned along the way, and hopefully an online community of fabulous moms that are taking it as it comes. I hope, hope, hope that you will join me on this new endeavor. I promise to hang around longer than last time. Because I really do want to make a go at this.

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